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Welcome to Mazatlan Fellow Cruise Enthusiasts

Welcome to Mazatlán Fellow Cruise Enthusiasts!

If this is your 1st cruise, or your 20th, most people admit that is the only way to go.  I have cruised for over 40 years, and I have enjoyed every cruise I have been on.

When I arrived in Mazatlán, like all cruisers, I ventured forth to check out the town, to see what it had to offer.

It didn’t take too long to realize that Mazatlán was a unique city, with so many things to do and enjoy.

I made a point to revisit on my own a year later, just to confirm it wasn’t spur of the moment thinking. Coming back just confirmed that it was a place that had everything I could ask for.

Excellent weather, great beaches, lots of restaurants that offer a variety of options for any palate, excellent golf courses and other sports that are available for a minimum cost.


The end result was, I moved to this wonderful city, and I don’t have any regrets.

Although being retired, I wanted to remain as busy as possible, so I decided to continue my career in Real Estate, which was more than 30 long years ago.

I joined Mazatlán Property Group, as I liked the idea of a smaller Boutique style of company, and the attention the company pays to the clients, and their needs.

High pressure selling, and exaggerated claims are not part of this company, and that was one of the main appealing features for me.

It is interesting, that a review of the customer base, indicated that they had visited Mazatlán as cruisers, and came back to become part of the foreign or expat community.

Many clients rented, or purchased a “winter” get away, and several made Mazatlán their full-time retirement home.

The cost of home ownership is amazing low, and the cost of living is in the same category.

Knowing that port time is limited, I would like to offer you an opportunity to receive information about Mazatlán, and what it has to offer.

If you are interested in knowing more, visit our office, send us an email when you return home, and we will send whatever information that best suits you. Please have a look at our properties on our web site.

Have a great cruise, and the team at Mazatlan Property Group hope to hear from you in the near future.

Mexico:           +52 669-985-3065
Canada:           +1 403-770-0205
USA:                 +1 510-257-4366

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