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Quality, not Quantity !

Quality, not Quantity!


Mazatlán Property Group has been an integral part of the business community in Mazatlán for more than 15 years.

Located in the Centro Historico area, we have concentrated our efforts on marketing quality homes to discerning buyers from the local community, the US, Canada, and other foreign countries, looking to enjoy the advantages that Mazatlán has to offer.

By searching out and marketing quality properties, we have separated ourselves from the mass marketing companies, who believe that the number of listings, outweighs the quality of the properties that are being offered.

Our philosophy is that, as a Boutique style of company, will provide totally personalized service from beginning to end.

Our customers become our family, and as with any good family member, we look after you for the long term.

We have a unique interview process that is designed to match the ideal property to your needs, so we focus on your requirements, and not showing properties that have no relationship to your needs and desires.

We invite you to call for an appointment, or visit or office, and meet our team of specialists.

The results will be pleasantly surprising.


Best regards

Mazatlán Property Group

55 Sixto Osuna

Mazatlan Centro Historico

Office: +52 669- 985-3065





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