Property Management

Property Management

Property Management Services

Mazatlan Property Group (“MPG”) manages rental properties for both owners living in Mexico and those residing abroad. Our responsibilities to you and your property include:

  • Collect rent: minimize vacancies; all tenants pay on time.
  • Insulate the property owner from property problems.
  • Timely response to property repairs/eliminate unnecessary repairs.
  • Quality maintenance and repairs at a fair price from certified MPG contractors.Offer paid services to enhance property owner’s experience.
  • Accurate and timely accounting and distributions to property owners.
  • Good written and verbal communication with property owner.
  • Prevent and eliminate potential tenant drama situations. MPG reserves the right to refuse accommodation to any tenant not in the best interests of the rental owner and/or MPG.
  • Strong availability to tenants for emergency’s (nights/weekends).
  • Value priced property management.
  • Return owner calls and emails in a timely manner.
  • Identify opportunities for proactive rent increases.
  • Identify opportunities for reducing operating expenses.
  • Managing reservation requests and availability calendars.
  • Inspection of property before and after occupation.

Seasonal & Long-Term Renting

Seasonal Rentals:

MPG has an inventory of all furnished apartments, condominiums and house for your winter high season enjoyment.

Long-Term Rentals:

Annual rentals with discounted rent for the anual discount or summer rent reduction.